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Nwaoma Australia Three Layer Mask Washable Australian Made

From couture to loungewear and three-layer reusable masks, 2020 has changed the mindset of many, including us!

Aa a small family business based in Melbourne, our team reimagined our purpose within the community during the global pandemic of 2020.  Previously focused on formal evening and wedding couture dresses and garments, we felt as though we could do something more meaningful and beneficial by showing our style, while we can’t show our faces.

The Age Melbourne Spring Fashion Week Nwaoma Australia
What feels like a lifetime ago at Melbourne Spring Fashion Week.

Melbourne has a great vibe when it comes to fashion and having to wear a mask shouldn’t see the end of it, so we had some fun with it and created a look that is essentially ‘Melbourne’. 

Street style + comfort a big priority.

Keeping the streets of our city vibrant and free of environmentally damaging ‘disposable’ face masks became an issue for us, we wanted to help protect the community, but not add to the growing issue of waste created with one use disposable masks.  Not about ‘fast fashion’ our three-layer washable, reusable masks were created and fast became a staple accessory for 2020 and by the looks of it… beyond.

Loving our fashion hasn’t ended with our three-layer masks… after spending more time at home this year, we soon changed our ways! We love a good outfit and miss our heels but we love coming home to put on our loungewear.  We have just received a range of tried and proven (by us) loungewear that is so comfy, super soft and cotton rich, we will be sharing the range with you real soon.  

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 Nwaoma Australia Spring Fashion Week
From where we used to be. We love our fashion!