Black Scarf Mask
Black Scarf Mask
Black Scarf Mask

Black Scarf Mask

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100% Cotton with filter pockets for added functionality. 

Wear your face cover whilst out of the house, or whilst in close contact with other people.

Our Filtering Face Cover work by giving you a layer of protection for the air you breathe.

Because of the wide facial coverage, it also provides strong protection against contamination from touching your face.

Once you take the cover off, ensure not to contaminate any surfaces. Either place it in a disposable bag, or straight into the washing machine. Ensure you wash your hands after handling.

Nwaoma Australia makes it clear that it doesn't guarantee protection against viral or bacterial infections.

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We recommend you purchase this item together with our PM2.5 filter to insert into the pocket. Item can be found here.

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which range should you choose?

Waterlock Range

100% cotton with Polypropylene inner layer, actively filters the air you breathe.

Nwaoma Range

100% Cotton with filter pockets for added functionality.

waterlock range

Our new Waterlock range have been specifically design to help decrease the spread of Covid-19. 100GSM Meltdown Polyproplene Filter lining atively filters the air you breath and prevents saliva from escaping and penetrating the mask. 

designed for style

Nwaoma Range

Our limited edition Nwaoma range is designed for style and comfort. 100% Cotton with filter pockets for added functionality. Made locally in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne, this range is Australian Owned, Australian Designed and Australian Made. Not available in stores. 

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